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(2001) The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickelby

(2001) Conspiracy [x]

(2002) The Gathering Storm [x]

(2005) A Waste of Shame

(2006) Victoria Cross Heroes

(2006-2007) Suburban Shootout:

Series One: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Series Two: [1] [2] [3] (there were no working torrents, so sorry!)

(2007) Casualty [1] [2] [3] [4] [5(part four didn’t exist when I looked)

(2007) Unrelated [x]

(2008) Miss Austen Regrets [x]

(2008) Return to Cranford [1] [2]

(2008) Wallander

Series One [1] [2] [3]

Series Two [1] [2] [3]

(2010) Archipelago [x]

(2011) Thor [x]

(2011) Midnight In Paris [x]

(2011) The Deep Blue Sea [x]

(2011) War Horse [x]

(2012) Avengers 

Red Necklace Audiobook [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] (courtesy of bambistark)

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In the Beginning…
All of Loki’s misadventures in Journey Into Mystery and Thor Vol. 1. Also included are various retellings, origin stories and annuals.

Special Guest Star: Loki!
Loki appearances in other comic book titles that are their own stories.

Loki Miniseries
Vol. 1 shows what it would’ve been like if Loki were to rule Asgard. Vol 2. is a retelling of events in Loki’s life from his own point of view.

Acts of Vengeance
Loki forms a team of super villains to destroy The Avengers.

Lost Gods and Heroes Reborn
Before the heroes of Earth-616 were defeated by Onslaught, the World Ash in Asgard was tricked into thinking that Ragnarok had already occurred, and expelled all the gods from Asgard without their memories or powers. After the battle with Onslaught, Earth 616’s heroes are thought dead, but have actually been transported to a pocket dimension.

Thor Vol. 2 and Ragnarok
Miscellaneous mischief and Loki fulfills the prophecy of Ragnarok.

Return and Dark Reign
Loki returns in a new form. Then it’s revealed he is a member of Norman Osborn’s newly formed Cabal in the Marvel Universe Event “Dark Reign”.

In the Marvel Universe Event “Siege”, Loki manipulates Norman Osborn into leading an assault on Asgard.

Most Recently
Comics that have recently been released featuring Loki.

What If?
All “What If?” comics Loki appears in.

Comics set on other Earths that involve Loki.


/Some issues Loki does not appear in, but are kept for storyline purposes.
/I did not include many issues in which he appears only in flashbacks since they were only 1 or 2 panels long.
/If you think I’m missing something or have any problems, my ask box is always open.
/Like them? Then you should buy them.
/Comic readers: MacWin

This is a repost of my previous master post which was ruined when Megaupload got shut down. Also, this post would’ve not been possible to remake without the help of the lovely, perfect, and angelic Hellen. All my time would’ve gone to waste without her because I lost all my files when I got a new computer and she was kind enough to upload everything for me. Some of the mirrors were also provided by her.

This new master post includes mirrors for if you prefer single file downloads and the recent issues section has been updated with all new material that wasn’t on my previous post as they had not been released yet. And if anyone wants to make a torrent out of this please be my guest.

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» early morning yell of horror: Jason Todd, Robin.


Tumblr user vyvyansboots suggested a (re)read of Jason’s Robin run, which I’m always up for, so I decided to upload the scans for people who might be interested but don’t have the issues.

This isn’t the complete collection of Jason’s appearances as Robin, but the majority of it is included….


Supernatural GAG REEL SEASON 2

download  » sprntrl s02 gagreel.avi (mediafire)

resolution » 720x540

Supernatural GAG REEL SEASON 3

download  » sprntrl s03 gagreel.avi (mediafire)

resolution » 720x540

Supernatural GAG REEL SEASON 4

download  » sprntrl s04 gagreel.avi (megaupload)

resolution » 1280x720

Supernatural GAG REEL SEASON 5

download  » sprntrl s05 gagreel.avi (megaupload)

resolution » 1280x720

Supernatural Jensen Ackles Eye of the Tiger

download  » sprntrl JA EotT.avi (mediafire)

resolution » 1280x720

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‣ for “gag reel season1” and “a day in the life of Jared & Jensen” click here

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